October 22-28, 2017

Region 5 goes to Anniston!!

Registration is NOW OPEN.  Check out the instructions HERE to get the PROMO code to select the course you are interested in . . .  The registration site address is on page 2 of the document.

These are the courses that we will be attending (each title is “hot-linked” to information for 2017–including prerequisites for the course).  You WILL NOT SEE OUR COURSE DATES listed, but when you go to the registration link and enter the PROMO CODE, it will take you to the correct course date:

Emergency Medical Operations for CBRNE Incidents Hospital

Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents

Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents


This is who we need–start recruiting:

Hospital Executivesminimum of 10/course  (—Senior executives who have ultimate legal and overall fiduciary responsibilities for the institution)

Emergency Department Managers/Leadersminimum of 10/course (—Responsible for overall clinical and administrative management of the ED resources )

Mid-level Managementno minimum (—Responsibility for activating the disaster plan)

Other Patient Careno minimum (—Patient support areas may be represented, including infection control, chaplains, social workers, legal, and others)

Physical Plant Operationsminimum of 8/course (—Responsible for the physical plant and its Environment; this includes security, information technology, HazMat, Materials management)

Patient Servicesminimum of 6/course (—Senior patient care services leadership who are responsible for the following: organizing and delivering patient care services and resources; maintaining a patient tracking system; assuring the treatment of inpatients and managing the inpatient care areas; and controlling discharge procedures )

Emergency Medical Servicesminimum of 4/course (—Responsible for authorizing policy and/or participating in the formation of policy that determines the response of EMS resources to a disaster)

Public Healthminimum of 4/course (—Responsible for authorizing policy and/or participating in the formation of policy that determines the public health response to a disaster)

More information will be available at the 5dmrc meetings, or contact regional staff at [email protected]–come join us!


2017-18 National Disaster Life Support Programs:

You can search for courses on the registration website:

Next scheduled Next Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS) program is in October– registration will be open in early August.

Remember–BDLS is a prerequisite for Advanced Disaster Life Support!  Scheduled for Spring, 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you at these programs!!