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Welcome to the 5th District Medical Response Coalition’s website.  The coalition is a group of interested stakeholders who collaborate to influence and improve emergency & medical response capabilities in Michigan’s Region 5–the nine counties of southwest Michigan.  Organizations and disciplines represented include hospitals, public health departments, medical control authorities, emergency management, medical examiners, law enforcement, hazmat responders, long term care, specialty health services, EMS and others.  We consider all hazards,  including natural and man-made disasters of diverse causes (nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic, weather-related, transportation-related or violence-related, all of which impact our partners.

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The 5th District Medical Response Coalition meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except August) from 8:30 to 11:00 am at the WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine building in downtown Kalamazoo (300 Portage Rd).


How the Coalition is Structured (click here to see a diagram of the Coalition’s structure)

Bylaws of the Coalition (click here to see the Coalition’s bylaws)

The Executive Committee provides planning and direction for Coalition activities and is comprised of representatives from the following disciplines:  

Public Health (2)

Jennifer Zordan

Clarissa Boggs-Blake

Local Emergency Management

Lt. Bob Kirk, Van Buren Office of Domestic Preparedness

Regional Emergency Management

Lt. Ken High, MSP Regional Coordinator

Healthcare (2)

Chair of the Healthcare Planning Board–Carrie Kotecki

Vice Chair of the Healthcare Planning Board–vacant

Long Term Care

At-Large Representative (appointed by the above)

Dr. Joshua Mastenbrook

EMS Representative (appointed by the above)

Non-voting Members: 

Region 5 Trauma Coordinator–Deb Wiseman

Region 5 Epidemiologist–Bethany Reimink

Region 5 Healthcare Preparedness Staff–Dena Smith,  (reach staff at [email protected])


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